Vegan easter cupcake recipe

Vegans like junk food as much as everyone else and sometimes it can feel like you’re missing out on cakes and other beautiful delights like that. However, there’s a VERY easy way to make delicious cakes using 3 things and an oven.

That’s it. All the ingredients.


As above. Any cake mix of your choice can be mixed with a bit of vegan spread and a can of fizzy juice (the egg replacement, and it works incredibly well). Vanilla cake mix? Lemonade. Lemon drizzle cake mix? Lemonade again. Chocolate cake mix? Cola. Coffee cake mix? Cream soda. This particular mix came with icing sugar mix in the box but if your chosen mix doesn’t have the icing mix, you can always get some separately.


Unless you’re pro’s like us, bake in the oven according to the instructions on the back of the packet. Swap the egg and water for the can of juice. Don’t add any water – the stuff in the can is enough. For the icing, just keep mixing scoops of vegan spread in with icing sugar until you reach a nice consistency.


Here, we’ve made the perfect cake for this week – Easter cupcakes. Look how amazing they are!

It can be cakes for any occasion. Easter, birthdays, Saturdays. Tuesdays. You can split the mix into a cupcake tin or bake it as one big cake if you buy a regular cake mix. It’s really cheap and easy and they taste fantastic.


The GetVegan! gang.

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