GetVegan! – The Beginning


Hello and welcome to the GetVegan! blog! We hope that we can provide some information on Veganism or at least some entertaining content for those already up to speed on the movement.

Who’s behind GetVegan!?

The GetVegan! blog was an idea put together by four close friends(Two married couples) from the UK. We share a common goal of living a happy life without being responsible for the animal cruelty and environmental impact that is being perpetuated through the use of animal products.

What you’ll find here:

The aim for the GetVegan! blog is to provide insightful and practical information on all aspects of the Veganism movement, it’s growing fast and it’s not always easy to find all of the information you need in order to make informed decisions. With that being said the general content types we’ll ultimately add are as follows:

  • Vegan product reviews
  • Information on Vegan diets
  • Recipe ideas
  • Recommendations on vegan products (i.e. vegan shoes, clothing, makeup, food, drinks)
  • Benefits of Veganism
  • Challenges for the Vegan movement
  • General vegan chit chat

What you won’t find here:

  • Promotion of anything we don’t genuinely love or see value in
  • Political discussion unless it directly relates to Veganism
  • Forceful or “pushy” Veganism (We believe the facts speak for themselves and everyone should be free to make up their own mind)

Hopefully you’ll find something of value here – constructive criticism and productive dialogue is always encouraged.


The GetVegan! Gang.

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